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Role And Tips To Use Joker In Rummy

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Rummy game is a popular card game in India among people from all walks of life & age groups. It is not only a great way to pass the time but also to show commendable rummy skills & win exciting real money prizes, & rewards. There are several card games and their variations that can be played online anytime with real-time pro rummy players. Rummy Tour is one such popular card game which has thousands of rummy players across the world with live rummy tournaments & real-money cash rewards.

Rummy is played with a standard pile of cards consisting of 52 cards and 2 joker cards, making a total of 54 cards. But how about using joker cards? Are they useful? Let’s find out:

Importance Of Joker Cards In A Rummy Game

In a Rummy Tour online, the joker plays an important role. Some players play rummy without using joker cards to make the game challenging. But if you have just started playing the game, you must know how these cards can be used to win the game. Before learning about essential tips to use a joker in rummy, let’s understand these joker cards in detail:

Types Of Jokers In Online Rummy

As per the rummy rules, there are two types of joker cards in a rummy game. One is a printed joker that exists in every deck, and the other card is a wild joker which is randomly selected by the players.

Printed Joker

A pile of 52 cards always comes with two extra jokers with a printed image of a joker that looks like the jester in court. These cards are called printed joker cards. And if you know how to play a rummy game, you might know that these joker cards can be used to make sequences or sets.

Wild Joker

A wild joker card, also known as a joker rummy card, is a joker which is selected/drawn randomly from the closed deck by the players. For example, if 5 of the spades is selected as a wild joker, all 5s from other suits will be considered wild cards in a Rummy Tour Apk game.

Keynote: To win a rummy game, it is essential to make two sequences out of which one must be pure. Once a pure sequence is made, a wild joker can be used to make an impure sequence.

Rules Of Using Rummy Joker Cards

Here are the rules of using rummy joker cards in a rummy game to make sets or sequences.

  • Both printed & wild joker cards can be used to make sets & impure sequences in a Rummy Tour app. However, a wild joker plays a vital role in making a pure sequence only if it is of the same suit and consecutive rank.

  • A joker card can only replace one card in a set or sequence

  • Players aren’t allowed to use more than two joker cards to create sets or sequences.

  • Before forming a set or sequence with a joker card, make sure that you have at least one pure sequence in your hands to increase the chances of winning.
  • You need to remember that once discarded, the joker in a rummy cannot be picked up by any other player.

How to Use a Joker to Make Sets & Sequences?

As mentioned above, both wild and printed jokers can be used to make impure sequences or sets. Find details:

Wild Joker

Impure Sequence - Assume you have got three cards of the same suit ie. 7❤️ 8❤️ 10❤️, and have a wild joker ie. 4♣️. You can use this wild joker card to replace the 9❤️ and create an impure sequence - 7❤️ 8❤️ 4♣️ 10❤️.

Pure Sequence - You can also create a pure sequence with a wild joker card provided it is of the same suit & consecutive rank.

For example 2♥-3♥-4♥ (WJ). Here, 4♥ is used as a Wild Joker to complete the joker as it belongs to the same suit & consecutive rank.

Pure Set - Assume you have 3 cards of the same value from different suits ie. 6♠️ 6♥️ 6♣️, and a wild joker 4♦️. You can use this wild joker card to replace the card, 6♦️ and complete the set ie. 6♠️ 6♥️ 6♣️ 4♦️

Impure Set- Assume you have 3 cards of the same value & same suit ie. A♣-A♣-K♦. It is an invalid set due to two As of Clubs. Here, K♦ is used to complete the.

Printed Joker

Impure Sequence - Assume you have two cards, 8♥️9♥️ and also have a printed joker (PJ). You can use this printed joker to replace 10♥️ and make an impure sequence ie. 8♥️9♥️(PJ).

Set - Imagine you have 3♥️ and 3♠️ in your hand. You can use a printed joker to replace 3 of any of the two suits ie. Clubs or diamonds and complete a set ie. 3♥️3♠️PJ.

Wrapping Up

Using a joker card in a rummy game can be tricky but it can help win the game. Keep practising and you can turn the game in your favour.

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