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Tips To Identify If You Are Playing With A Bot

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The game of rummy is undoubtedly one of the most popular card games adorned by people all over the world, especially in India. But what makes rummy so special? Various rummy platforms like Rummy Tour have all the elements of fun, entertainment and excitement as well as a great way to win real cash prizes. Being a skill-based game, the players are required to use & hone their logical thinking, analytical reasoning and quick decision skills to win the game.

However, the extreme popularity of the game has brought a flood of a range of online rummy platforms. But many of these rummy platforms may sometimes have you compete against bots to provide an uninterrupted gaming experience. But do you know how to identify these rummy gaming bots?

Here are some ways that can help you find if you are playing with a bot. Let’s find out:

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How To Know If You Are Playing With A Bot?

“How can I detect bots in Rummy Tour online?” is one of the questions that most rummy players ask. Though online rummy was introduced for fun & real money opportunities to game enthusiasts anytime from anywhere, every coin has two sides. The only worry for players is, “Am I playing rummy with bots?” To end this dilemma, check the following signs:

1. Chatting

This is one of the best ways to find out whether you are playing with a highly-skilled opponent or a bot. If your rummy platform allows you to chat, then go for it and interact with them. A bot will not usually respond to any messages or chats while genuine players, on the other hand, may respond to their opponents.

2. Playing Style

Usually, while playing online rummy on the Rummy Tour APK, players change their gaming style according to the situation to win the game. From aggressive to passive or vice versa, or maybe any other style. But on the other hand, bots are designed to play the game in certain styles or moves. It can be either defensive or aggressive. So, avoid these rummy mistakes and play carefully.

3. Multiple Tables

Online rummy platforms like the Rummy Tour app make sure random sorting of cards & sitting arrangements. So, it is extremely rare if you get to play with the same players on several tables. However, bots are designed to play on multi-tables all through the day. So, if you meet the same players on 2 or 3 tables, then, understand that it could be a bot. It is one of the required skills to win a rummy game.

4. Quick Moves

If you want to become a top rummy player, you need to take your time analyzing the cards and then initiate a move accordingly. However, this is not the case with bots. They are designed to initiate quick moves within seconds. Given the complexity of the game, it is quite difficult for human rummy players to play at such a fast pace, and make a correct move every time in a short span of time. So be aware!!

5. Different Variants of Rummy

A Rummy Tour Apk game is a skill-based and challenging game which is not so easy to master. To brush up on rummy skills, you need frequent practice. It is not convenient to win rummy games consistently in all formats even not for pro rummy players. However, if you come across such a player, then there is a possibility that you are playing with a bot.


Realizing that we are playing with a bot spoils our mood. Therefore, it is better to play on safe & trusted rummy sites such as Rummy Tour to avoid these online gaming frauds. Apply these tricks to know if you are playing with a bot and beware next time.

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